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Official Course Name:

PALS (Renewal Course) for Late Shift Workers

This class is for people w/ an AHA PALS card that has not expired.

Safety Organization:

American Heart Association

Must have a course Provider Manual. You can rent or buy one if you don't have your own copy.

 Class Dates/Times:

Monday | August 10, 2020 2:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Training Location:

Willamette Queen Sternwheeler

Riverfront Park

200 Water St

Salem, OR 97301

There is not a lunch cruise option for this class date.

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Refund/Cancellation Policy:

MedProEd does not offer refunds once your registration is complete. If you have an emergency that makes you unable to attend the course, you must contact us > 24 hours of the start time of your course. We will move you to the next available course or issue a course credit.

Course credits can only be applied to the same type of course, may not be used by another person and must be used within 90 days of the missed course. Once a credit is applied, the student must attend that course – a credited course will not be refunded or credited a second time.

The PALS Course is designed to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate and manage pediatric cardiovascular emergencies. Students are expected to participate in lecture, learning stations, review stations and skills testing scenarios. The PALS curriculum includes: Respiratory Emergencies -- Recognize and perform early management of respiratory arrest | Shock Emergencies -- Recognize and perform early management of shock | Pre-Arrest Emergencies -- Bradycardia - Stable & Unstable Tachycardia | Cardiac Arrest -- VF/VT - PEA - Asystole

Upon successful course completion you will be issued an official AHA PALS provider eCard.

Textbook Policy:

The AHA requires each student to have access to their own current AHA PALS Provider Textbook prior to, during and after the PALS course. If you do not have access to a textbook, you can rent one during your registration, or order it from the AHA Online Store. You may also purchase used or new copies at online bookstores such as Amazon. But be sure to get the current version (2015 or later).

Pre-Course Materials:

The PALS Pre-course Self-Assessment helps evaluate knowledge necessary to be successful in the PALS Provider Course and determines the need for additional review and practice. The current PALS Textbook has instructions and access code on page ii.

The PALS Pre-course Self-Assessment can be found here: